Kotipelto garden story

Mimis products are fresh, pure and safe finnish quality.
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All Kotipellon puutarha (Kotipelto Farm) products are quality vegetables of unpolluted Finnish ground. Hand picked and packed salads go through several inspections in oder to a boxful of greens to be a collection of the finest part of the crop. Salads are watered with the world´s cleanest groundwater. Kotipelto Farm has been audited by Finnish Horticultural Products Society and it has a right to call itself as a Laatutarha (Qualityfarm).

Mimis products originated when farmers Pirjo and Tapio Mönkkönen made a decision to put down the farming of cucumbers in 2009. They made a change of direction and started crowing special salads and herbs. During the years the farm has specialized as a versatile producer of cress ja eadible flowers with over 100 variety. Today it is a 2800 square meter farm with a clear vision on mind.

Kotipelto Farm is a small family business. Pirjo´s and Tapio´s son in law Niko Honkanen is in charge of marketing and cooperation with top chef´s. He has a passion for product development and discovery of new cress. Pirjo is a horticulturist and in charge of cultivation, well-being of the plants and discovery of new eadible flowers. Tapio for his part makes sure that every moving part and machinery of the farm keeps on going. It seems that family daughter Sanna Honkanen is going to take a responsibility on foreign trade as her maternity leave ends during the year 2017. Since every job on the farm is made by hand Kotipelto Farm is now emploing 10 persons in addition to the family. If you want to see what happens on the farm in daily bases please see on Instagram #mimisversot.