Kotipelto garden story

All Mimis products from Kotipelto garden are high-quality vegetables grown in Finland. Picking, cutting and packing is handmade and products pass many quality checks to ensure that only the best part of the crop is collected into the box. Pure water, high-class finnish peat and professional production quarantees that Mimis products are safe and clean.
Kotipelto garden has been audited by Finnish Horticultural Products society to call itself as a Quality farm. It’s awarded many times with respected prizes from gardening and food industry.

Kotipelto garden’s story began in 1997. The owners Pirjo and Tapio Mönkkönen started with a cucumber farming. After a while they changed their production into special salads and later into cresses and edible flowers. Thereby Mimis product family got started.
Nowadays there’s over 100 different species in production and in stock in many HoReCa wholesalers. Kotipelto garden exports countries like Hong Kong, Sweden, Iceland and Singapore and new markets in different countries are opened constantly.

Kotipelto garden is a family company, where everybody has a crucial role. Pirjo as a gardener has taken responsibility of cultivation, welfare of cresses and flowers and finding new products. Family’s son-in-law, Niko Honkanen co-operates closely with chefs and food industry professionals on a daily basis and takes care of marketing. His passion is to produce only the best for the demanding customers in business.
Tapio makes sure that all the machines and equipment at the garden works properly. He is also responsible of transportations for his part.
Family’s daughter Sanna Honkanen is the professional of office work and makes sure that all the official documents and papers are up to date and correct.
Even the new generation of farmers are growing along in everyday life at the garden as two daughters of Niko and Sanna are walking around wondering the miracles of growth.
As every part of the production is handmade from planting to packing, Kotipelto garden is pleased to the possibility to employ 16 persons along with the family. Highly motivated and professional personnel are working with a big heart and is crucial part of the successful entirety.